Let your next Dental Appointment be a reason for your Vacation!

Help is at hand.

Whenever you need simple or the most complicated dental treatments, you need not get stressed out thinking of the exorbitant costs involved.

At TravQuest, we can plan a comprehensive trip that will cover dental treatment and travel for anybody who has either medical benefits, or with limited or no medical coverage.

Our international holiday packages can include Dental tourism to Costa Rica and or other exotic places in India. We will organize your stay, so that you get ample time to enjoy your holidays, relax at the beaches, explore the tropical forests, or just go shopping in the local market besides getting your dental treatment done.

Our Dental Partners

Given the criticality of dental treatments, we are very particular about choosing our dental partners, to ensure best services for our clients. We choose our dental partners on the following criteria:

– Location and accessibility of the clinic and the doctors

– Clinics following proper hygiene and complying to international standards

– Experience and expertise of the doctor and the types of treatments available

– Customer satisfaction, after-treatment service, amicability of the staff, ambiance, etc.

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