Mobile Service

“A special service for those travelling to India at just $ 1 per day”

We realise the immense difficulties involved in buying a phone and getting a connection while travelling in India.

Hence we have arranged to provide you with a solution: A smart phone with a 5 inch screen and a 4G sim card, which will be available to you at your hotel on arrival or at the time of pick up by our driver.

And… all this at a price of $ 1 per day. (once you opt for any of our data packages!!!)

That relieves you of the stress and burden of spending around $ 200 to buy a new phone and to spend 2/3 days in getting your documents verified so that you can get a local sim card.

The advantages:

1.  A phone with 4G sim card delivered right at your hotel front desk with pre verification done on your behalf, enabling you to save on international roaming charges.

2.  Facility to just leave your phone at your hotel before leaving the country. For instance you can pick up your phone in Delhi and leave it in Bombay on departure.

3. A host of services pre-loaded on your phone, including getting cash from banks, currency exchange, booking cabs , recharging your sim card, searching/booking hotels/restaurants, shopping centres etc

4.  You can get in touch with emergency services like police, hospital/ambulance, etc

5.  You can email, save and forward documents and perform all communication tasks which you would normally do with a laptop.

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